I just find out that one of my favorite authors won an well deserved Nobel Prize. I’m talking about Mario Vargas Llosa, an author that never disappointed me.

I like all the books written by him I read.

Mario Vargas Llosa

Mario Vargas Llosa

About three years ago I read In Praise of the Stepmother and I was shocked by the calmness of the language, by the naturalness of the language, by the ease with which the author deals with sensitive subjects and by the contrast between the age, the behavior and the opinions of others about the main character.

Second book of Mario Vargas Llosa I read was The Bag Girl. This book is the reason I think the author is a master of novel composition and a genius. It’s one of my favorite books ever! I started the book with curiosity, by the time I reach the middle, I was charmed by it and when I got at the last quarter of it, I couldn’t let the book from my hand. Truly amazing! Even now, when I think of it I can feel the emotion of reading it!

The third book I read is Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter a book that did’t impressed me as the first two, but I’d still recommend anyone to read.

These days I’ll start The Storyteller. Can’t hardly wait!

Can you recommend other books by him?